Current State of Cyber Crimes in the State of Jammu and Kashmir"Sh. Muhammad Rayees Bhat, IPS, SP, Hazratbal, Srinagar."

 Expert Lecture
It has been often said that the basic nature of crime is theft... that all crime is theft. Only the dimensions of theft change, the paradigms keep shifting and the convoluted course of time shapes the contours. Every innovation in history has brought a flurry of change in human lifestyle and society. Law and crime being barometers of society have naturally witnessed similar changes. Proverbially crime has stayed one-step ahead of the law. In practice, law has always been a subject of supply-demand dynamics; and once in, it has anticipated a larger slew of likely demands and adapted accordingly. The initiation of technological daily life and the rapid movement along the information highway has led to a generational leap in the past decade. It was pretty rare to find a PC let alone one with an Internet connection then. Now it is a sine qua non. We not only have information literally at our fingertips but we can actually “use” that information in the real sense –buying tickets, comparing prices of that car we like, waiting for online sales to buy our favourite jeans – it’s all happening. And, yet it has brought on its attendant problems of that basic nature of crime – theft. Identity theft, password theft, credit card fraud, bank details phishing, spamming, online cheating, skimming, Nigerian scams, MMS “scandals”, Internet pornography, spy cams, misuse of communication devices, cyber terrorism, cyber wars and what not have become common knowledge nowadays. And, J&K has not been left untouched in this highly evolving scenario. All the above crimes have been perpetrated and are occurring here every day. The trends in cybercrimes show a disconcerting increase over the last few years. Not only cybercrime per se, but usual or traditional crimes unsupported by computer resources and communication devices are now almost unheard of! Emulation of modus operandi and learning criminal / anti-social tricks online has also become a trend. And, J&K Police has been using almost all the tools available at the global level to counter the threats posed by this nouveau aspect in crime.