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Moving Towards “Flawless Telepresence” Systems of the Future "Prof. M. Salim Beg Department of Electronics Engineering,Z. H. College of Engineering & Technology, A.M.U., Aligarh."

To be able to communicate and compute anywhere and anytime has been one of the goals for last few decades. Due to the huge investments in R&D in the area of Wireless networks in general, and Mobile Communications and computing in particular, both in the academia and the industry, there has been tremendous outcome in terms of new technologies being developed, as well as resulting products and services.We have in fact now moved on from terms like ‘Ubiquitous Communications’ or ‘Ubiquitous computing’ to newer areas. The traditional mobile and wireless communication networks combined with multimedia communication gave rise to sending text, audio, image, and video to any person, any time, and at any place. In future, several new systems will be made available to us that will lead to something that may be referred to as “flawless telepresence”. The latter implies technologies dealing with not just traditional multimedia elements like text, audio, image, video but incorporating newer elements like smell, touch, and taste. All this will lead to newer frontiers and a paradigm shift in our concept of both computing and communication. Of course, the expectations of users in terms of Quality of Service is growing higher and higher. Thus, one would expect from the service providers to give networks in future that provide richer quality of service and experience by incorporating newer techniques, systems, and networks. While there will be a lot of contributing and enabling technologies for these ‘flawless telepresence’ systems of future, this talk would concentrate mainly on (i) mobile/wireless communication systems and networks (ii) coding and compression of multimedia information and new multimedia systems. Some of the trends and directions in research in these areas will be covered in the talk.